Bison Matchbooks

 Photo by Parker Stewart

Photo by Parker Stewart


Bison Jack Limited Edition Matchbook Prints


All prints come on archival museum paper and are cataloged and signed.

There is a small edition of 10 for each 'Bison'. The largest size (36 x48) is an edition of 3 (plus 1 Artist Proof). For those who purchase the larger size prints, you will also receive a free signed copy of the The Journal of Bison Jack when it is published.


Edition Sizes and Prices

10 x 8 (unframed) $160.00 edition of 10

16x20 (unframed) $345.00 edition of 10

24x28 (unframed) $495.00 edition of 20

36x48 (unframed) $1,250.00 edition of 3 plus AP

There is also a special edition (8)
of framed 18x24.  $425.00


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