The Half-Naked Truth



From ripping out my IV drips and running half-naked around the hospital trying to escape, to waking up in the intensive care unit talking to a priest and being 'defibrillated' the last few months have certainly been interesting.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that… but suffice to say I am thankful to be alive and thankful for my friends. Truly.

As I have been recuperating, and getting used to a new regimen of medication and hospital visits, several people have said they 'couldn't wait'  to read the latest Bison Jack installments after my brush with death—imagining, I suppose, that I  would  be sharing a few kernels of wisdom and truths from the other side, but alas most everything I wrote in my journal read like something from the Hallmark Channel and has since been mercifully erased.

Okay, so here we are.

In June, The Journal of Bison Jack will be 10 years old and I will be bringing it to a close because......well, it seems like as good a time as any and I want to look ahead instead of back.

This will also be the last big matchbook sale and I hope one or two take your fancy as getting sick in America tends to bring its own anxieties.

I can’t tell you how long I procrastinated over sharing all this, but now I have and I feel better for it.
Print Information

All prints are printed on archival museum paper as well as cataloged and signed, and there is only an edition of 7 for each 'Bison'. The largest size is an edition of 3 plus 1 Artist Proof.

The print sizes and prices are below. For those who purchase the larger size prints, you will also receive a free signed copy of the book when it is published.

Oh, and FREE SHIPPING and if there is other Bison Jack work that you wish to discuss, please let me know,

Thank for you reading this far.

My love and thanks to you all.

Stay healthy

Jason xx

Edition Sizes and Prices

10 x 8 (unframed) $150.00

16x20 (unframed) $325.00

24x28 (unframed) $475.00

36x48 (unframed) $1,150.00

There is also a special edition (8)
of framed 18x24.  $425.00


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Photo by Parker Stewart