10 Year Anniversary Matchbooks

 Photo by Parker Stewart

Photo by Parker Stewart


Bison Jack 10 Year Anniversary

Well, The Journal of Bison Jack turned 10 years old this week and with it comes both the sense

of an ending and a new beginning. As some of you know, I had planned on stopping the journal,

but it has become such a large part of my life, that I just don't know if I can .

And, after all my medical drama , I feel like there are some things that I haven't come to terms

with still and so the journal feels unresolved.

Maybe, in time, the journal will gently fade away and perhaps that's as it should be, but in the

meantime here is the latest selection from the matchbook series. I am also making the entire

journal available as small limited edition prints so if anything from the archive* interests you,

please let me know.



All matchbook prints come on archival museum paper and are cataloged and signed.

There is a small edition of 10 for each 'Bison'. The largest size (36 x48) is an edition of 3 (plus 1 Artist Proof). For those who purchase the larger size prints, you will also receive a free 8x10


Edition Sizes and Prices

10 x 8 (unframed) $160.00 edition of 10

16x20 (unframed) $345.00 edition of 10

24x28 (unframed) $495.00 edition of 20

36x48 (unframed) $1,250.00 edition of 3 plus AP

There is also a special edition (8)
of framed 18x24.  $425.00



SEE MATCHBOOKS BELOW (click on each matchbook to enlarge)


 The Journal of Bison Jack Trunk   

The Journal of Bison Jack Trunk