‘Coming across a Bison Jack poem is a bit like discovering a pool of drinkable water in a post-apocalyptic landscape’ — Laura Zurowski

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‘I used to see the world through a photographer’s eyes, as it allowed me both the intimacy and detachment I craved, but it was only when I started keeping this journal that I began to look at myself.



Based on the Bison Jack poem of the same name, Monster is a short film about the potential perils of poetry. Sponsored by Flatt Magazine and SeeSaw. Filmed in Savannah, Georgia.


the MAtchbook Series

‘The matchbook series is an ode, of sorts, to the days when names, numbers and brief flirtations were scribbled in late-night matchbooks and slipped into the hands of romantic possibility.’


Under the Bridge

Commissioned for the A-Town Festival in 2017, this 90ft by 40ft installation was made more dramatic by its site-specific location beneath the bridge that crosses the Savannah River.


The Bull and the Beast

In 2015, we began translating Bison Jack into large scale installations. For ‘The Bull and the Beast’ we created the poems and visuals every day for 7 days then projected the finished results at night. Supported by Sun Trust Bank , Flatt Magazine, and Levy Jewelers.



‘The disconnect that Bison Jack purposefully creates between himself, his work and the viewer is a real revelation. His journal has given me a profound coping mechanism that might have saved me from my younger, tormented self.’


Features and Interviews

“In today’s day and age, it’s hard to become a well-known poet, let alone a respected one. I somehow found someone who is both. Jason Armstrong Beck, the artistic polymath behind Tumblr sensation The Journal of Bison Jack, spoke to me about his work, his efforts as a photographer, and his ultimate pivot towards poetry.”



I started The Journal of Bison Jack at a time in my life when I felt that I had lost my way a little. By trying to connect the dots of my life through words, I hoped I might be able to retrace my steps and as time passed I believe the daily ritual helped me to remake myself and instill in me a new and unexpected sense of purpose.

‘Many thanks for your poetry. I have been inside your time machine and it works.’ —TBLR



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Peculiar endeavors

Several years ago, for reasons both anthropological and what-the-hell-why- not, I began posting ‘Bison Jacks’ in the Missed Connection section of Craigslist. Some of those posts were discovered, stored and shared by the missed connection detectives at Lovelorn Poets.


All photography by Keith Morgan, Parker Stewart, Sam Beetler, Christian Rodriguez, Jason Armstrong Beck and Tim Almodovar